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If you have questions, comments, or need support, you can visit Methadone Help's public page on Facebook... Update 3/4/14

As you can see, has had a makeover and I’m hoping you prefer the new look to the old one, as I certainly do. While it is still a work in progress, I wanted to announce some of the changes being made right now:

Methadone Help will feature 3 main sections:

The Success Stories page has always been the focal point of  During different stages of my ongoing struggle with methadone, I found it incredibly beneficial and inspiring to look towards real people that have successfully quit methadone themselves. These people have been generous enough to share their stories and offer advice for the rest of us. These are the people that “made it” and they understand us as much as we respect them.

Between my extensive research of methadone and Success Stories mentioned above, I have put a lot of time and energy into coming up with my own Detox Methods that we can also think of as “plans” or “strategies” for quitting methadone. I’ve found that Slow Taper is the overall most effective approach to methadone detox, but since other methods might be more effective for other people, the intention is to leave no stone un-turned, so I have researched and wrote about any Detox Method that I know of.

I’m also excited to launch a brand new section of the website called Unconventional Detox. I was reluctant to include this section at first because some of the ideas discussed in this section are indeed unconventional and some people may regard them as unsafe, but we should not be afraid to explore different ideas that could be instrumental in the discovery of an alternative to methadone detox that may lead to increased success rates.

Additional sections:

The section dedicated to people in Popular Culture will remain in tact. This page tells the stories of notable individuals that have been affected by methadone and/or other opiates. The Current Events section is new to the site and this is where I’ll post recent news articles related to methadone.  Finally, there is an Additional Resources page that will include links to important sites related to methadone.

Indeed, there are a lot of changes on the horizon, but the unwavering goal has always been the same. This website aims to be an information resource geared towards helping people that are tired of being on methadone get their lives back. I know that methadone also helps many people too, particularly chronic pain patients, so I want to be clear in stating that the intent of this page is to focus on the subgroup of the methadone users that really want which is the people that want to move on from methadone.