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Success Stories

Last update: 4/29/2013
Latest story: “Anyone CAN Get Off It”

This is my favorite section of the entire website because I believe we can learn the most from the experiences of others. On the right, you will see my entire archive of Individual Success Stories and Groups of Success Stories (such as threads from message boards). And below you will have quick access to the latest three stories in each group. You can comment on any of these stories as well. Hopefully you will find inspiration through these successful people as I know I have.

Individual Success Stories

“Anyone CAN Get Off It”: This is the first story that was shared with me directly through the Methadone Help Facebook page. This story was not retrieved from any other website or message board and not to brag or anything… but I really think it is the most inspiring story here and certainly validates everything I have advised to do here in terms of a Taper plan. Click here to read the story.

Slow tapering success story: This story follows a tapering model that I have advocated in my tapering guide and there is nothing far-fetched about it. It should not be a surprise to anyone that Holly’s only source of discomfort was “a little trouble sleeping” since her approach was structured and disciplined. Very short, but sweet and refreshing. Click here to read the story.

Detox without withdrawals: I know. Sounds unrealistic, right? Well, one thing that has always been preached at this blog is to have the right approach to detox which is something that most people don’t have. But if it worked for one person in the world, that might be enough reason in itself for consideration. Click here to read the story.

Methadone to Suboxone – Clean after 8 days: This is one of those inspiring “If he could do it, I can do it” type of stories. He was taking methadone for 7 years at a relatively high dose of 115mg per day. Then he tapered down to 30mg of methadone and then started with suboxone. After 8 days of suboxone, this person was “clean” and feeling good. Click here to read the story.

Great stories from a great thread: These are hand picked stories from the Methadone Support message board thread that is provided below in all of its glory, but I had to extract some of the stories from that thread and share it separately because they are amazing stories with great value for the rest of us. As (almost) always, you will find after reading this that slow taper is – without a doubt – the way to go. Click here to read the story.

Groups of Success Stories (Msg board threads, etc)

Methadone Maintenance Success: This site is about detoxing from methadone, but I do not want to ignore the fact that methadone maintenance has truly helped many people get their lives back together through opioid replacement therapy. Click here to read the story.

Methadone Detox Success Stories: A message board thread on the Heroin Detox message boards with a collection of success stories from various board members. As you would expect, there are all kinds of stories shown here, but these people have DONE IT! And that is the bottom line. With a strong will, this is by no means impossible. Click here to read the story.

Your Personal experience for tapering (what worked and what didn’t): This is the best methadone detox story thread EVER. A large wealth of information here in this message board thread from a methadone specific board. 7 pages and counting. It’s a bit misleading to file this away in “Success Stories” when many of the posts in this thread are unsuccessful attempts or agonizing detoxes, but if you read through a lot of it you will find positives and advice that you can benefit from. Click here to read this message board thread.