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“Anyone CAN Get Off It”

I am so proud to add this next story because it was shared with me directly through the Methadone Help Facebook page and it represented the mission of this blog and made me feel that I’m on the right path with my efforts and with everything I have tried to advocate here (slow taper FTW). Beyond that, it proves, through real life experience that this can be done and it doesn’t have to be torture either. This story is brief but it gets to the point and it is very inspiring (I know it has been for me).

So here it is. I used Copy & Paste from my Facebook inbox and the content of this message is untouched except for a few spelling corrections:


Please feel free to share info….but, I beg of you, if you post this message please, please copy and paste it with NO NAME as many of my family & friends are not aware I was ever even on methadone and I would really like to keep it that way. Thank you in advance!

I am writing this to say thank you for starting this page as I looked for something like this when I was detoxing and could not find anything.

I just wanted to share my story…anyone who really wants to get off methadone CAN do it. But…number one thing I’ve learned is YOU have to be the one ready & the one wanting to get off it. If you are just doing to please others (family, spouse, friends, etc.) it will not work. You have to be the one who has it set in your mind that you are done with allowing a drug to control your daily life. But again…anyone CAN get off it. I was on methadone for 7 years at a dose of 180mg at one point. It was a long process of almost 2 years but I’m 100% clean and sober WITHOUT methadone for almost 4 months now. In my opinion…do it slow. If your clinic can space out your detox like they did mine you will not get that horribly sick. I came down 5 mgs a week but when I got down to 60 mgs they started taking me down only 4 mgs but broke it up through out the week (2mgs Tuesday, 2 mgs Friday). Then when I got down to 30 mgs they slowed it down again to 2mgs a week. By the 3rd day after being taken down…I would feel perfectly fine…even when I was only on 6 mgs. Your body will adjust to the lower mg…it just may sometimes take 2-3 days. The last 4 mgs it took a month (1 mg a week) but I did it! I was a little sick but not bad. Truly, truly, truly…it was not even half as bad as I had expected and only lasted about 2-3 days. You will not be sick-sick like you would be if you just stopped any opiate cold turkey. By the 4th day I felt a lot better and as each day went on I felt better and better! Within 2-3 weeks the anxiety went away and I was back to my old self again…FINALLY! I for one thought I would be on it for the rest of my life but, I finally made up my mind that I did not want it to have a hold on me and what I can and can’t do everyday because I had to get my methadone first. It may be a long journey to get off methadone…but it’s a journey you will never regret. Good Luck & Congrats to all in the process of detoxing…you CAN do it!


Good luck to everyone out there that is reading this and detoxing from methadone or thinking about doing it soon.