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Tag: methadone taper

[Research Study] Tapering vs. Cold Turkey

Posted on 02/15/13 by admin No Comments

Most posts and articles online related to methadone detox experiences are generally negative and discouraging. As expected, positive experiences are a lot less common and that is one of the reasons I launched the Success Stories section here. These stories are valuable, but harder to find. Every week I am on the web trying to […]

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The reason behind restarting my taper

Posted on 11/09/12 by admin No Comments

I’ve received a couple e-mails from visitors that have been following the blog for some time and expressed some disappointment in regards to how I put off my taper until January of next year, particularly after I had mentioned on several occasions that I was on the midst of this taper and stuff like that. […]

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Detox Option #3: How to taper

Posted on 08/18/12 by admin No Comments
Good Bye Methadone

Yes, I wanted to find an easy way out of methadone. No, I didn’t think that I would find one. But I thought maybe there was some miracle method that I was not aware of yet. Rapid detox sites will tell you everything that you want to hear, like any good sales pitch… and if […]

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